Hardware and Building Materials & Wood Machinery Products

In building and construction Industry, our company focuses on the supplies of hardware products, building materials, door &window materials, especially the wood floor and wall manufactured in 3D texture. HVAC refrigeration materials, kitchen & bathroom materials.

There are also the following hardware and building materials products for sale:

Tools: hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools and motor equipment accessories, workshop, factory equipment, industrial tools, etc.

Locks, security systems and accessories: furniture, accessories, decorative hardware, window accessories, locks, door accessories, keys, security systems.

Fastener technology and accessories: fasteners, ironware, bearings, wire mesh.

Home improvement: chemical products, interior decoration, panels, interior products and accessories, sanitary ware and accessories, lamps and lighting equipment, building materials, building accessories, etc.

We commit on providing you with all-round, multi-field, high quality service. Please contact us without any hesitation.