International Trade

Harir Group FZE is a UAE based privately held distributor. By selecting high-quality manufacturers with advanced design, manufacturing, and sound management systems, product quality is reliably guaranteed; By providing comprehensive sales services, reliable guarantees are provided to quickly meet the needs of the market and users.

We commit to bring turn-key solutions for all our clients and to serve various levels of needs from manufacturing, logistics, import and export, escrow/LC setup to financing; and from FOB, CIF, LDP to DDP and OTG.

At present, the company’s supply and marketing chain and sales network have been distributed in the United States, Europe, Canada and other regions, and with the UAE government, the Canadian government, the New York State government, Indian Health Service (HIS) and other federal and state governments, UAE Life Famercy and other hospital chains, Costco and other chains, Home Depot. UAE Lulu, US Foods and other food services have close business ties.

We warmly welcome exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign buyers.

Stable and Direct Manufacturers

We only work directly with manufacturers, authorized distributors or allotment holders, especially the manufacturers of nitrile gloves, and FreFlow Powered Air Purifying Respirator.

Reliable and Seasoned Team

We have a core team of managers of production and compliance, stellar and seasoned transaction lawyers familiar with the international marketing, sales, product procurement and delivery, import & export trade, and profound knowledge of PPE. Moreover, we also have the secured IOLTA accounts (paymasters) with a top UAE bank to ensure the success of the business.

Main Products