Themed Projects

Harir Group is a young and dynamic company, which is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our company is aim to provide knowledge-intensive services, which are specific in provding advanced business services, efficient cultural communication and educational exchange, in order to help clients to understand UAE and China markets; explore, create and realize values for sustainable competitive advantages.

Dubai EXPO 2020

EXPO 2020 (20th, October, 2020 – 10th, April, 2021), the largest event ever staged in the Arab world, is set to welcome 190 participating countries, and millions of visitors from across the globe. Here they will experience warm Emirati hospitality at its finest, as well as the UAE’s values of inclusion, tolerance and cooperation.
We will also actively use the Expo platform to build international marketing windows, exchange platforms, and explore business cooperation opportunities.
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PACIS 2021

The Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) is a premier information systems conference in the Asia Pacific region and is affiliated with the Association for Information Systems (AIS) since its inception in 1993. Every year, it brings information system scholars from all over the world to discuss the cutting-edge research and development.
We are excited to announce that PACIS 2021 will be held in Dubai, UAE, and Harir Group is the local conference organizer and liaison office.
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The “Belt and Road” Initiative

The UAE connects Central Africa and Europe, and is an important information, logistics, trade and regional financial center along the Belt and Road. Compared with other Middle Eastern countries, the UAE has established a comprehensive business and international trade infrastructure and provides extensive commercial support. At the level of national strategy, it is guided by “looking east” to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation with China. Therefore, the UAE is an important overseas branch for China to build an international marketing window, communication platform, and explore business cooperation opportunities. It can also become a research base for the Belt and Road Initiative and the internationalization of Chinese companies.
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Sino-Ready Project

In the time of rapid globalization, China has become an increasing important player on the world stage:China has been the world’s #1 manufacturer since 2010, China has also been #2 in high-tech manufacturing since 2012,China is the second largest retail market in the world,China leads the world in e-commerce, accounting for 40% of the global market share in 2016, so this is the right time to come to China, to understand Chinese mindset, to learn from the authentic Chinese culture and Chinese Characteristics, and the development status of the society and economy.
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