Gift and Lifestyle Products

We can offer the following daily necessities and household goods for purchase and sale:

Gifts: Craft gifts, advertising giveaways, souvenirs, collectibles, DIY products, festival supplies, holiday clothing, party tableware, wedding supplies and decorations, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, artificial flowers, etc

Greeting cards and stationery: Greeting cards, gift wrap, stickers, pens, notebooks, folders/bags/boxes, desk calendars, paper products, etc.

Kitchen utensils: kitchenware, tableware, baking utensils, bar and wine utensils, knives, table ornaments, cleaning supplies, kitchen appliances, etc

Daily necessities: thermos cup, teapot, toiletries, labor protection supplies, cleaning supplies, hygiene products, hardware tools, umbrellas, drying racks, lighters, small household appliances, etc

Household goods: furniture, home decor, storage supplies, bathroom supplies, lighting, wood, Teng, aromatherapy products, candles, summer house supplies, etc.