Harir Events Facilitate the Investment Attraction of China Mining 2019

On 21st Feb, Mr Mustafa, the board member of Harir Events, welcomed the delegation from Tianjin Planning and Natural Resources Bureau. The visiting purpose of the delegation was not only communicating the Marine Resources Utilization Development & Advanced Concept of Marine Economic Development with Dubai Marine Resources Development and Dubai Municipality, but also wanted to attract investment for 21st China Mining Conference.

Hence, it is a great honor for Harir Events to facilitate investment attraction for this conference in the Middle East region.

China Mining Conference provides not only the platform for mineral exploration, development and trading, but also the communication bridge for domestic and international mining companies and related agencies. The conferences attract the world`s policy makers and the industry leading voice in presnting the hottest topics and providing insightful information.

As the statistics of 2004-2017 delegates and exhibitors data shows, the number of delegates rose from 1,000 in 2004 to over 11,000 in 2017, and that of exhibitors from 125 to 582, representing the event, with its scale rising year by year, will have more and more impact on global mining industry.

The key elements of the conference:

Conference Date: Oct 9-11, 2019

Conference Venue: Tianjing, China

Conference Topics: mining industry trends, the global mineral commodity market, domestic and international investment opportunities, sustainable mining development, geological surveys, mining technologies and equipment, etc.

For more details of the conference, please kindly check the official website: http://www.chinaminingtj.org