Established New Strategic Relationship with Sharjah Alfardan Center

At the beginning of December 2018, Hairr Events established strategic relationship with Sharjah Alfardan Center through organizing visitors to visit the production process of royal jewellery, experience craftsmanship spirit, appraise natural sea pearl, visit pearl culture guardian in GCC,etc..

More than a hundred years ago, pearl was the only high-value trade commodity in the Gulf region at the time. When Ibrahim Alfardan, the father of Chairman Hassan Alfardan – set out on the clear warm waters of the Arabian Gulf and established himself as a pearl trader – dealing in what was then the Gulf’s sole high value tradeable commodity. Alfardan family soon established themselves as leading experts on the pearl within the Gulf, and today our Chairman, Hassan Alfardan is considered a leading expert and authority on the pearl, not only in the Gulf – but in the world. 

Its diversified portfolio includes jewellery (founded in 1954), the exchange (established in 1971), real estate development, and automobile trade (established in 1996), hotel business, marine protection, etc..

During the visit of President Xi Jinping to the United Arab Emirates in July 2018, the pearl necklace that Mrs. Chief gave to the mother-in-law Peng Liyuan was produced by the Alphadan Group.