Overseas Media

Provide the Most Cost-effective Overseas Media Program 

Compared to domestic media activities, overseas dissemination activities for Chinese customers are relatively less, accordingly, Chinese enterprises, which can do overseas medias are few, and on-site control is insufficient. Nor can changes in marketing rules and prices be found, w which often lead to distortion of information and all kinds of unexpected occurrences.

Overseas Medias is the derivative business of our company’, relying on professional team and rich communication resources advantages, we are committed to providing the cost-effective overseas media programs for Chinese clients. 

Overseas Advertising Media Types 

-Outdoor Advertising (OOH)

We have a large number of large-scale outdoor digital screens, and the screens nearby subways, shopping malls, landmark buildings, roadside billboards, public transportation advertising and other resources. 

-Customized Themed Activities

In order to promote the company branding or products, or idol stars, we are good at designing and implementing different themed support activities in the destination city based on the needs and wants of the client, such as Dubai IMAGE Show, underwater birthday greeting, Fly board Activities, public welfare activities, etc.

-Promotion on Overseas Social Media Platforms 

Through local companies or relevant government entities, such as Dubai Tourism and Dubai Festival City Mall, our company can facilitate to promote the news and tailors through corresponding official social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

-Local Newspaper Resources

We have close and stable relations with local newspapers, such as Gulf News, Seeniun, The National Media, Al Khaleej, Khaleej Time, and Al Bayan, etc.